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Arsen Avakov: Special batallion "Donbas" will work for The National Guard Ukraine
02.06.2014 | 18:10

Arsen Avakov offered a battalion commander Semen Semenchenk to create a special purpose battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine at the first battalion troop "Donbas" with precise coordination of forces of the ATO - MIA, Armed Forces, and Security Service. This was announced by the adviser to the Minister Anton Herashchenko.

Volunteers of the battalion "Donbas" will be trained at the National Guard in the village of Novi Petrivtsi, armed, equipped and provided with transport for tasks of counter-sabotage and anti-terrorist character in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. In particular, to ensure the protection of the state border against the breakthrough of organized groups of terrorists from the Russian Federation.

At least 75% of the battalion will be residents of Donbas.

– Creating a special battalion “Donbas” at the National Guard of Ukraine is an example of effective cooperation between patriots citizens and public authorities, – said Anton Herashchenko.

For his part, Semen Semenchenko at his page in Facebook said that a decision on the formation of special purpose battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine on the basis of the battalion "Donbas" is supported by the general meeting of volunteers.

– I, a commander of the volunteer battalion “Donbas”, decided to accept the offer of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov to create a battalion of special purpose “Donbas” of National Guard of Ukraine based on the first troop “Donbas”, – wrote S. Semenchenko.


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