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The idea to create a unit of Honor Guard came in February 1999... (PHOTOS)
05.03.2013 | 14:28

Since February 4, 2004 is counted history of the Honor Guard Battalion of Internal Troops of Ukraine. The idea to create a ​​unit of Honor Guard came in February 1999, thereat by the order of the Commander of Internal Troops was created an honor guard company based in a military unit 3030. Subsequently, a small unit grew up into a battalion.


According to the commander of the special battalion of Honor Guard Major Alexander Ivchenko youths from all over Ukraine got a chance to serve in a special unit. "To each regional recruitment office we send a request for selection of likely candidates. Newly recruited Honor Guard soldiers are carefully selected: they must be not less than 185 centimeters height,  meet external requirements, strong spirit, resistant to physical exercises and, of course, with a desire to serve, - says Major Ivchenko. The main tasks of military Honor Guard is meeting senior officials, participation in special events, laying wreaths and flowers at the monuments, military ritual and solemn military honors.


Instructor of the Honor Guard battalion a contract soldier Sgt. Maxim Velichko said: "Once here, recruit must understand that service in the honor guard, despite all the gloss, is extremely difficult. It tempers morally and physically. In 2010 I was drafted for military service and after finishing it, I decided to continue service under the contract. I love my job and consider myself a patriot of Ukraine. In the future I plan to become an officer of internal troops. "


Soldier Andrii Rudnytsky and senior soldier Yevhen Boboshko prepare themselves for the parade in honor of the 21st anniversary of Interior Troops. These guys are proud of their division and at the same time they said that it is a big responsibility because everything happens in front of thousands of people. Besides, all the usual festivities are broadcasted live.


Totally during a year soldiers of military honor battalion participated in almost a hundred of events, including parades on Victory Day and Independence Day, in various international events. In the history of special Honor Guard Battalion lots have changed, but the unchangeable is a perfect drill, polished to a shine boots and delight in the eyes of the public.



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